Shake Weight Exercises

Make the most of your Shake Weight experience.

The makers of the Shake Weight released a 6-minute workout DVD to accompany their product. But, what many extreme fitness lovers have discovered is simply this: the 6-minute workout just isn't enough. Here, you will find a simple description of the simple shake weight exercises, modifications to add to their intensity, as well as six extra Shake Weight exercises you won't find anywhere else.

Standard Plus

The original exercises devised as part of the 6-minute Shake Weight workout are still valuable, and make up a crucial part of our overall Extreme Shake Weight workout. We've included a brief description of these exercises here, as well as some methods for adding to their intesity:

6-Minute Shake Weight Exercise

Totally Extreme

In addition to the original exercises, we have extended the 6-minute workout with six new exercises that are far more intense and target a wider range of muscle groups—including legs and core. Here are the instructions for taking your Shake Weight workout to the total extreme:

Extreme Shake Weight Exercise